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Thanks for taking an interest in Merci Merci !

After living and working in Paris for almost 20 years, my husband and I decided to experience life in another part of the world and moved to Melbourne in early 2012. What a wonderful experience it has been for everyone to settle here, build new friendships and enjoy the unique quality of life in Australia !

Although I love everything about Melbourne, I sometimes miss some small things from Paris, especially the fantasy custom jewellery and handmade accessories I could buy from my favourite shops and directly from my designer friends...so that's what Merci Merci is about!

Merci Merci is inspired by the colourful, precious, yet fantasy jewellery and handmade accessories that exist in Paris. Designs are simple and casual, but always in line with the season’s must haves.

I am thrilled to have you browsing and shopping in our store and hope the next months will see some very exciting developments.



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