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Liberty collection

Liberty bracelets are just divine on any girl's wrist, just tied with a simple knot for a very Parisian look! Pairing the iconic soft fabric band and a hand-engraved pendant, our liberty bracelets make a unique gift to be treasured forever. Incredibly girly for the little girls, incredibly trendy for the teenage girls, incredibly iconic for the mums, everybody just loves it! Readmore

You can choose from a collection of pendants which includes medals, clovers, crosses, hearts and can be personalised whether with a name, a date, initials or a number engraved with French cursive handwriting.  The genuine Liberty fabric is available in a range of prints and you can choose the bias or the cord (wrap) to make your gift that extra bit special. These very delicate unashamedly feminine personalised bracelets are ideal gifts for little ones, teenage girls and bigger ones, bridesmaids, best friends, even teachers... Hide content
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